Fugato Compact – MBS/LBS/QBS260 – MBS/LBS/QBS264 –MBS/LBS/QBS262

Fugato Compact, accent lighting

Fugato Compact, accent lighting

Fugato Compact, accent lighting

  • Fugato Compact – MBS/LBS/QBS260 – MBS/LBS/QBS264 –MBS/LBS/QBS262

    • Optimum lighting performance, plus energy saving
    • Wide choice of variants serving all applications and offering maximum functionality
    • Consistency in design across the entire family


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Product family information

Fugato Compact is a range of miniaturised fixed (260 series), cardanic (264 series) and fully internally/externally adjustable (262 series) recessed downlights intended for retail applications.This part of the range accommodates miniature halogen and compact discharge lamps for accent lighting.The platform cut-out is 175 mm. Optical variation is offered by means of Fugato’s ‘dual optic’ concept. The top optic is made of high-gloss aluminium and ensures 12º, 24º or 36º beam control. In the Fugato concept there is a seamless transition from the lower optic (matt and white) to the rim, rendering a clean visual articulation of the luminaire when installed in the ceiling. The fixed version (MBS260) is offered with a flood optic (60º) for general lighting. Furthermore, gold optics (24º and 36º) are available in the adjustable and cardanic versions (MBS262/264), especially for food applications, to make the merchandise look even more fresh. Lamp, gear and accessories are delivered with the luminaire.


Full range of CDM Elite+ lamps (+10% flux, +10% efficiency), including MASTERColour CDM LightBoost, which can be varied in flux from 50 to 100% to save energy or to highlight selected merchandize. Also MASTERColour CDM Evolution for lasting sparkle.
Extensive range of reflectors provides the right lighting solution for every retail application. The range includes eight high-efficiency reflectors with a light output ratio of up to 85%.
The oval optic lights the length of counters and displays, especially in the fresh food area of the supermarket, making it possible to double the spacing between luminaires compared to current solutions. It is also available with lamellas to reduce glare for sales people working behind the counter.
Accessories include color filters, two different meat filters (to enhance the presentation of meat products) and protective UV filters
Rimless frame for mounting the rimless fixed version (260 series) in plaster ceilings
Energy-efficient, low-maintenance


Fashion retail
Food displays
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