Product family information

      Arano FFS/TFS640 is an innovative range of indirect/direct free-standing luminaires for PL-L (FFS640) and TL5 fluorescent lamps (TFS640), featuring Philips’ micro-lens optic (MLO). The patented micro-lens optic ensures full glare control in all viewing directions, in compliance with the latest office-lighting norm (EN12464-1). A complete range of surface-mounted, suspended and wall-mounted Arano luminaires is also available.


      Miniaturist design with optimum performance in terms of light distribution, visual comfort and efficiency
      Creates a bright, welcoming ambience with surface-mounted, suspended, free-standing and wall-mounted versions, some with direct/indirect lighting
      Complies fully with the latest office-lighting standards


      Miniaturist design
      PL-L and TL5 fluorescent lamps
      MLO optic
      Fully compliant with office-lighting standard EN12464-1


      Product family details
      • FFS644 (PL-L-lamp version)
      • TFS644 (TL5-lamp version)
      Light source
      • Compact fluorescent:
      • 2 x or 3 x MASTER PL-L 4 Pin / 2G11 / 55, 80 W
      • Fluorescent:
      • 4 x MASTER TL5 / G5 / 24 W
      Lamp included
      • Yes (lamp color 830 or 840)
      Light distribution
      • Direct / Indirect (D/I)
      • Electronic, 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz:
      • High Frequency Performer (HFP)
      • High Frequency Regulator, touch-switch, DALI interface (HFD-TD)
      Optical cover
      • Acrylate micro lens optic (AC-MLO)
      • Polycarbonate micro lens optic (PC-MLO)
      • Lighting controls: ActiLume multi controller (ACL)
      • Euro fuse (FU) included
      • Housing: post-lacquered aluminum, pole and foot in silver grey
      • Optical cover: AC-MLO cover: PMMA, PC-MLO cover: polycarbonate
      • Delivered as complete luminaire with lamps and plug cable
      Main applications
      • Office
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