Maxos TL-D Universal reflectors and optics – One basic solution for multiple applications

Maxos TL-D, universal reflectors and optics

Maxos TL-D, universal reflectors and optics

    Product family information

    Maxos TL-D Universal reflectors are designed for electrical units holding 1 x TL-D lamp or, upon request, 2 x TL-D. Intended for applications in industry, supermarkets, shops and offices, they can be supplied with a white or silver outer finish. Mirror inlays create the following light distributions: wide beam (WB), medium beam (MB), narrow beam (NB) and asymmetrical beam (A).Maxos TL-D Universal reflectors can be ordered in IP20 and IP60 (lamp compartment only). IP60 applications require a PMMA or a polycarbonate cover. For IP20 applications, louvers (D6), prismatic screens (P) and acrylic micro-lens optics (MLO) are available. White steel louvers (L) are available for both IP20 and IP60.


    Established Philips MLO (micro-lens optic) in trunkings
    State-of-the-art prismatic screens
    IP60 version in the same shape as all Universal reflectors


    For 1 x TL-D lamp or, upon request, 2 x TL-D
    Choice of four beams
    Choice of covers and optics
    White or silver finish


    Industrial applications requiring IP60
    Public areas (such as multi-purpose halls, underground stations), schools, offices (MLO)
    Food stores and DIY stores
    Product family details
    • 4MX092 (TL-D reflector)
    • 4MX093 (TL-D louver/optic)
    Suitable electrical unit
    • For 1- and 2 TL-D 36 and 58 W versions
    Material and light distribution
    • Reflector:
    • Mirror inlay:
    • IP60 cover:
    • Optic and louver:
    • Click-in fixation on electrical unit
    • Universal reflector end caps (IP20) white or silver (9MX056 EP-R WH (2PCS), 9MX056 EP-R SI (2PCS))
    • Reflector end piece IP60 comes with universal reflector IP60
    • Reflector coupling pieces comes with universal reflector IP20
    Main applications
    • Office, schools, retail, industry
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