Maxos TL5 Aluminum reflectors and optics – First in quality

Maxos TL5, aluminum reflectors and optics

Maxos TL5, aluminum reflectors and optics

Product family information

The aluminum reflectors for TL5 are optimised for applications in supermarkets, shops and industry. They are made of high-quality aluminum and are available for electrical units holding 1 or 2 TL5 lamps. A semi-high-gloss (D) aluminum reflector is available for wide-beam, medium-beam, narrow-beam, asymmetrical-beam and double-asymmetrical-beam light distributions. For very narrow beams a high-gloss (C) aluminum reflector is available. All the TL5 aluminum reflectors can be equipped with aluminum louvers with profiled lamellae (M2) or with a simple white steel louver (L) for glare reduction. The reflector is fixed to the electrical unit via a simple click. The reflectors can be connected to each other in a line by a material overlap; optional additional coupling pieces (9MX056 CP/TL5) are available. Decorative end plates for the beginning and end of the line are available as accessories.


Stylish, multifunctional performance designed on the basis of in-depth knowledge of end-user needs in retail and industrial environments
Durable quality and electrical flexibility with a wide range of reflectors and accessories for well designed, cost-effective lighting solutions with minimum energy consumption
Designed for fast installation, with the possibility of integrating projectors and flexibility in positioning making it the ideal system for use by retailers
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