TTX400 Linesense – automatic energy savings with trunking sensors

TTX400 Linesense

TTX400 Linesense

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    In many distribution centers the lights are often switched on unnecessarily. The TTX400 Linesense system ensures that the lights are only switched on when a person or a truck is in the vicinity of the storage racks. With Linesense, functional TTX400 trunking and lighting control capability are combined in one to create an intelligent light-line. The movement detectors are mounted, by means of a simple click, on the TTX400 system or on the ceiling to keep wiring simple and non-obstructive. The energy savings are potentially huge, and payback fast: in many distribution centers trucks are only present in 10% of the aisles at any given moment. It is not effective to apply movement detectors to the traffic zones as well, since they are almost always occupied.


    Up to 75% additional energy savings for an attractive payback
    Integrated with TTX400 family
    Easy to install


    Movement detector
    Click-on mounting


    Distribution centers
    Production facilities
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