TTX400/410 Trunking sections

TTX400 TL-D, trunking sections

TTX400 TL-D, trunking sections

TTX400 TL-D, trunking sections

  • TTX400/410 Trunking sections

    • Cost-effective light-line solution for use in industrial and retail environments
    • Increases productivity and enhances the shopping experience by ensuring perfect light distribution in a wide range of design configurations
    • Easy installation with only 5 clicks; offers a wide choice of mounting options and decorative accessories


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Product family information

This trunking system for both continuous trunking and individual mounting includes prewired (400) and unwired (410) sections. The sections can be easily clicked together using the integrated electrical/mechanical coupling pieces. The trunking is available with a complete range of interchangeable components to offer outstanding flexibility. All the trunking sections are made of white enamelled steel. Round edges reduce the risk of injury. Flat ribbon cable (5 or 7 wires), integrated phase selection switch, and contact blocks with click connection, make electrical connection and connection to the mains quick, simple and safe (if 3 phases are used equalised the maximum current is 16A). The great stability of the sections and coupling pieces, limit the number of mounting brackets needed (max 3 metres when using 58 3 trunking sections). The electrical unit is clicked simply into the trunking for both mechanical and electrical connection.TTX400The prewired section TTX400 is equipped standard with a 5- or 7-wire 2.5 mm² ribbon cable. The 7-wire flat ribbon cable is used especially for the integration of the light regulation or emergency lighting functions. Hence, no extra contact blocks or wiring needs to be installed. Both versions are available in length of 1, 2 and 3 electrical units 36W and 58W.TTX410TTX410 is the unwired trunking section that allows the mounting of the electrical units at any desired position. On the upper part of the trunking section special knockout openings enable cable entry. The mains connection can be achieved with the 7-pole connector ZTX410 TC. Electrical connection to the electrical unit can be made with a 5-pole contact block with insert contacts (ZTX400 DC). These connection blocks can be installed at any place inside the trunking sections. The required wiring can be fixed inside the trunking section by using internal cable clips (ZTX410 IC). When electrical units are used with conventional or low-loss ballasts, H07GU (110ºC) cables should be used. When electronic ballasts are used, H07VU (70ºC) are sufficient. The TTX410 unwired trunking sections are delivered with the mechanical coupling piece. This unwired system is also well suited for mounting waterproof or surface mounted luminaires.


Wide range of design configurations
Wide choice of mounting options and decorative accessories
Integrated electrical/mechanical coupling pieces
Flat ribbon cable (5 or 7 wires), integrated phase selection switch and contact blocks with click connection
Available in lengths of 1, 2 and 3 electrical units 49 and 54 W


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