TTX400 TL5: GMX565-570 aluminum reflectors – Versatile solution

TTX400 TL5, GMX565-570 aluminum reflectors

TTX400 TL5, GMX565-570 aluminum reflectors

Product family information

Compared to the TL-D aluminum reflectors, the TL5 ones are smaller due to the smaller lamps. This results in easier handling and less space needed. Aluminum one-piece reflectors in hammered, matt and glossy versions. Specially designed for applications where a wide beam, narrow beam, very narrow beam or ultra narrow beam is demanded, e.g. distribution centres and warehouses. Installation via a simple click-in action to the electrical units TMX400. The high efficiencies of these reflectors ensure a highly cost effective solution. Reflector overlapping and mechanical clips delivered with the reflectors enable a proper alignment in case of continuous lines. All aluminum reflectors are available for 49 W and 54 W lengths.


Cost-effective light-line solution for use in industrial and retail environments
Increases productivity and enhances the shopping experience by ensuring perfect light distribution in a wide range of design configurations
Easy installation with only 5 clicks; offers a wide choice of mounting options and decorative accessories
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