TMX400 TL5 electrical units

TTX400 TL5, TMX400 electrical units

TTX400 TL5, TMX400 electrical units

Product family information

These electrical units are designed for quick click mounting in TTX400/410 trunking sections. They are for use with one or two TL5 lamps, with electronic (dimming) ballast, in emergency lighting version and in versions for the mounting of projectors. They contain all the necessary electrical and mechanical functions. All components are screwed onto the electrical unit. The units can be combined with any type of reflector, and are made of white sheet steel.Electronic ballastsTMX400 is delivered with electronic ballast HFP. The dimmable version of the TMX400 is delivered with the electronic ballast HFR, allowing the light output of the TL5 lamps to be regulated from 3 to 100%. This unit is ideal for (day)light-dependent control, and must be mounted to the prewired TTX400 section with 7-wire ribbon cable. For more control options the TMX400 can be equiped with DALI ballasts. Especially in combination with the Linesense controls DALI solutions offer even more control and energy savings.Emergency lightingTMX400 is deliverable in versions with built in 3-hour emergency lighting equipment. The 49W versions are mounted in the same way as all the other TMX400 electrical units and must be used with the prewired TTX400 trunking section with 7-wire ribbon cable. 54 and 80W versions with emergency lighting are available on request.


Cost-effective light-line solution for use in industrial and retail environments
Increases productivity and enhances the shopping experience by ensuring perfect light distribution in a wide range of design configurations
Easy installation with only 5 clicks; offers a wide choice of mounting options and decorative accessories
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