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      Product family information

      TrueFashion is a dedicated LED spot family answering to the specific needs of Fashion Retailers. These miniaturized spots with clean and fine detailing offer contemporary design and blend seamlessly into your store interior for a tailor-made look. This spot family provides the best quality of light by using innovative lenses to optimize the contrasts within the store. Thanks to the Philips fashion light flavors that are specifically developed to enhance colors and visual qualities, TrueFashion ensures a superior light experience. TrueFashion also supports your global expansion plans by being prepared for international certifications. In addition, we offer dedicated logistics and a local presence globally. Fashion is evolving rapidly towards a new balance between online and offline shopping. TrueFashion creates an optimal shopper experience to attract and engage the shopper, while bringing the connected future of lighting in the store by being ready to be connected to Philips fashion concepts such as dynamic window and EasyAim.


      Best quality of light using Micro-lens Fresnel optics. These eliminate spill light and glare to create an optimal beam with well-defined contrasts to enhance the store design and setting the stage for the best presentation of the collection
      TrueFashion is a miniaturized spot family, designed to blend seamlessly into the store design. The closed surfaces and fine detailing create a contemporary look and reduce dust build-up. While the recessed optics minimize glare to give full focus on the merchandise
      Fully prepared for international certification to support global expansion plans. Philips Lighting can support you with dedicated logistics and a local presence globally
      Ready for the connected propositions; EasyAim and dynamic window


      Miniaturized design in the diameter of 66mm for the Mini and 80mm for the Compact size
      Philips Fashion light flavors: Premium White CRI 90, 3000k / 3500k /4000k, CrispWhite, and also new flavors such as PremiumColor and Denim, which will be made available in 2018
      Reflectors and dedicated Micro-lens Fresnel optics for exact detailing of the beam design
      Extra narrow beam 6° with 62Kcd center beam intensity for high shop window applications
      TrueFashion EasyAim for remote aiming of high window spots and Dynamic window to attract shoppers in the street


      General sales area
      Shop windows
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