Product family information

      Functional shock-, vandal-, dust-, and jetproof luminaire for TL-D and TL5 fluorescent lamps. Fibre-glass reinforced polyester housing with a polycarbonate prismatic clear cover. Fixation of the cover to the housing without additional lockers, but by innovative concept with integrated fixation points. Gear tray, 2 stainless steel ceiling fixation clips and cable entries (membranes) supplied with the luminaire. Choice of different standard versions available:versions 1/2 x 18W, 1/2 x 36W, 1/2 x 58W (TL-D) and 1/2 x 49W (TL5),emergency lighting, 1- or 3 hours,ready-to-install, including lamp(s) and Waterproof External Connector (WEC),equipped with through-wiring 5 x 2.5 mm².


      Dust-, jet- and shockproof luminaires IP66; also available in versions for cold stores (-20ºC)
      Flexibility and easy installation - most types can be mounted individually or in-line with a simple 'click'
      Available in versions for use with TL-D lamps as well as energy-saving TL5 fluorescent lamps


      Dust-, jet-, shock- and vandal-proof
      TL-D or TL5 (16 mm) fluorescent lamps
      Mounting individually or in lines
      Also available in versions for cold stores (-20°C)


      Indoor workplaces
      Parking garages
      Cold stores -20ºC (XAP)
      Software Plugins
      Product family details
      • TCW216
      Light source
      • Fluorescent:
      • 1 x or 2 x MASTER TL5 / G5 / 14, 28, 35, 49, 54, 80 W
      • 1 x or 2 x MASTER TL-D / G13 / 18, 36, 58 W
      • 1 x or 2 x MASTER TL-D Xtra or Xtreme / G13 / 36, 58 W
      • 1 x or 2 x Polar TL-D / G13 / 58 W
      Lamp included
      • Yes (lamp color 830, 835 or 840) (835 optional)
      • No
      • Electro magnetic (low loss), 230 or 240 V / 50 Hz:
      • Inductive (I)
      • Inductive, parallel compensated (IC)
      • Inductive with possible mounting of capacitor in parallel (IKP)
      • Electronic, 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz:
      • High Frequency Performer (HFP)
      • High Frequency Regulator (HFR)
      • High Frequency Regulator, touch-switch, DALI interface (HFR-TD) (optional)
      • Electronic Included (EI)
      • Push-in connector (PI)
      • Screw connection block (SI)
      • KIT version systematically with push-in connection block
      • Cable, length 1500 mm, with push-in connection (C1500PI) (optional)
      • Long-life system Xtrem (lamp and gear)
      • Emergency lighting:
      • 1 hour (EL1), 3 hours (EL3)
      • Fuse (FU) included
      • Through-wiring:
      • 1-phase, 10 A (TW1-10A), in KIT version
      • 3-phase, 5 x 1.5 mm² (TW3)
      • Double entry membrane (DE)
      • Explosion hazardous: Zone 2 and 22, gas group 3C, temperature class T6 (Z2/22-3C-T6)
      • Plastic adapter piece for introduction of flexible cable through cable entry in KIT version (KIT AD)
      • Compact version 2 x 49 W in 1-lamp housing (H1L) and 3 x 49 W in 2-lamp housing (H2L) in KIT version
      • 1-lamp versions with reflector, narrow-beam (NR), wide-beam (WB) asymmetrical (A) in 2-lamp housing (H2L) in KIT version
      • Fluorescent Polar TL-D lamps in KIT version
      • ATEX [Ex nA II T6) and [Ex tD A22 IP66 T80°C]
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