Product Description

MASTER TL5 High Output Secura

MASTER TL5 High Output Secura

MASTER TL5 High Output Secura

  • Product Description

    • All the benefits of TL5 HO lamps
    • Safety: special protective coating around the lamp prevents products from contamination in case of accidental lamp breakage.
    • Superior coating material: high temperature-resistance (up to 200 °C) and no degradation under influence of temperature or UV
    • Easy identification in audit situations by the blue ring at one end
    • Compliant with relevant standards in the food industry, such as HACCP and ISO22000.
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Product family information

Low-pressure mercury discharge lamps with a tubular 16 mm envelope and protective coating around the lamp to prevent contamination resulting from breakage


All the advantages of TL5 HO lamps
Protective coating around the lamp (may extend by max. 0.5 mm at lamp ends)
Single blue ring around one end for identification
Direct retrofit for all TL5 HO lamps


For use where contamination resulting from lamp breakage must be prevented, e.g. in food industry, suppliers to the food industry, health care, pharmaceuticals, cleanrooms etc.
Suitable for use in environments with increased risk of breakage, e.g. sports halls
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