Product Description

HID-Basic BSN/BMH semi-parallel for SON/CDO/CDM/MH/HPI

HID-Basic BSN/BMH semi-parallel for SON/CDO/CDM/MH/HPI

HID-Basic BSN/BMH semi-parallel for SON/CDO/CDM/MH/HPI

  • Product Description

    • Long-lasting reliable solution protected from overheating
    • Minimal watt losses thanks to orthocyclic winding process
    • Control gear can be installed remotely


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Product family information

Impregnated electromagnetic copper/iron ballasts for use with an external semi parallel ignitor for CDM, CDO, MH, HPI (Plus) and SON lamps


All ballasts are equipped with ThermoSwitch for protection against end-of-lamp-life phenomena
Ballast can also be used in combination with series (superimposed) ignitor
Equipped with screw terminal blocks as standard; insert contacts available upon request
Earthing-while-mounting facility
Ballasts for alternative mains voltages/frequencies available upon request


Electromagnetic system requires ballast, ignitor and capacitor
Semi-parallel circuit: if ballasts with “L” in their description (e.g. BSN 100 L307…) are used, SN(D)… ignitors are required; if ballasts with “K” in their description (e.g. BSN 100 K307…) are used, SK(D)… ignitors are required. Capacitor value to match system power can be found on lamp/ballast combination sheet
Series circuit: all ballasts are designed to work with series ignitors
No ignitor needed for SON-I lamps


Ideal for the following applications:
Recreational sports lighting, outdoor and indoor
Road and residential lighting
Floodlighting of buildings and monuments
Area lighting, e.g. harbors, building sites
Canopy lighting, e.g. petrol stations
Climatic suitability: restricted to built-in situations where relative humidity is limited
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