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      Product family information

      Modular road-lighting luminaire offering a wide choice of optical, electrical and mechanical combinations to make driving safer and more comfortable. Ensures low cost of ownership thanks to its superior optics and low maintenance and installation costs.


      The latest evolution of road lighting that takes a significant step towards a 'Green City light solution'
      Enables outdoor lighting authorities to introduce the most advanced green innovations, while also ensuring the best possible Total Cost of Ownership
      Worldwide design acceptance and high degree of modularity, with a wide range of sizes, materials and options


      Family includes MASTERColour CDM Elite MW, CosmoPolis and LED-enabled versions
      Superior optics
      Dimming and Telemanagement capability
      Four different sizes, suitable for side-entry and post-top mounting; also full range of brackets
      Fully recyclable; only light source and driver have to be recycled separately


      Industrial areas
      Software Plugins
      Product family details
      • SGS254 (glass-fiber-reinforced polyester canopy version)
      • SGS454 (aluminum canopy version)
      Light source
      • HID:
      • 1 x MASTER SON-T PIA Plus / E40 / 100, 150, 250, 400 W
      • 1 x SON / E40 / 150, 250, 400 W
      • 1 x MASTER CDM-T Elite MW / PGZ18 / 210, 315 W
      • Induction lamp system:
      • 1 x MASTER QL system / 165 W
      Lamp included
      • Yes (K)
      • No
      Gear and compensation
      • Electro magnetic (low loss), 230 or 240 V / 50 Hz:
      • Inductive (IN)
      • Capacitive (C)
      • Electronic, 220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz:
      • Electronic (EB)
      • Closed T-pot (CP) "Opti-C" with double IP-66, simplify cleaning of the optic and improve lamp position precision
      • Facetted open T-pot (TP) "Opti-O" easy lamp access concept
      • Facetted open CT-pot (OR) "Optic-O" easy lamp access concept (CDM-T Elite MW lamp version)
      Optical cover
      • Glass bowl (GB) better spacing and better night preservation solution
      • Glass flat (FG), reduce glare and improve night nuisance
      • Glass flat with DynaClean coating (FGD)
      • Series (SI)
      • Series, self-stopping (SS)
      • Series, digital ignitor (SUD)
      • Semi-parallel (SP)
      • Semi-parallel, self-stopping (ST)
      • Semi-parallel, digital ignitor (SND)
      • Lighting controls: Chronosense (CH)
      • Light regulation:
      • Dimming switch (SW)
      • Dimming switch with reverse function (SWR)
      • Photocell:
      • NEMA socket (P1), Minicell (P3)
      • Filter coil (F) included
      • Fuse (FU) included
      • Safety cable (SC) for plastic version, reduce maintenance risks
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