Koffer² LED BGP100

  • Koffer² LED – economical system

    • Stylish, minimalist design respectful of urban environment
    • Latest LED technology
    • Most efficient lighting platform – serviceable and upgradable


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Product family information

When it comes to lighting residential streets, municipal authorities face a dual challenge – to ensure people’s safety while saving energy and driving down cost of ownership. This calls for functional luminaires that are energy-efficient and require very little maintenance.The stylish, minimalist Koffer² 100 LED is such a solution, its outstanding lighting quality (LEDGINE inside), energy efficiency and very low maintenance meeting all the needs of today’s road users and operators. And its LEDGINE module is easy to upgrade, ensuring continued savings far into the future.


Future-proof luminaire
LEDGINE inside


Roads: urban motorized traffic (ME5/ME6)
Streets: mixed traffic and residential streets
Product family details
  • BGP100
Light source
  • Integral LED-module
  • GreenLine (GRN): 27-95 W depending on LED configuration
  • EconomyLine (ECO): 41-140 W depending on LED configuration
Luminous flux
  • GreenLine: 2400-10,400 lm
  • EconomyLine: 3500-15,090 lm
Luminaire efficacy
  • Up to 100 lm/w
Correlated Color Temperature
  • 5700 K, cool white
  • 4000 K, neutral white
  • 3000 K, warm white
Color Rendering Index
  • ≥ 68, cool white
  • ≥ 76, neutral white
  • ≥ 84, warm white
Maintenance of lumen output - L80F10
  • GreenLine: 100,000 hours
  • EconomyLine: 70,000 hours
Operating temperature range
  • -40 ºC < Ta < 35 ºC
  • Built-in (self ballasted LED-module)
Mains voltage
  • 210-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Inrush current
  • 108 A / 140 us
Controls system input
  • 1-10 V and DALI
  • RF Control
  • Integrated DynaDimmer functionality, six fixed settings (replaced former LumiStep and DynaDimmer)
  • StarSense DALI
  • SDU
  • Photocell: minicell, 30, 50, 75 lux
  • Constant Light Output
  • 1-10 V input
  • Nema socket
  • Road medium (DM), road wide (DW), road comfort (DC), road wet (DK), road narrow (DN), asymmetrical (A), symmetrical (S), pedestrian crossing left (DP-L), pedestrian crossing right (DP-R)
Optical cover
  • Glass, flat
  • Housing: high-pressure, die-cast aluminum, coated
  • Gasket: silicone rubber, heat resistant
  • Optics: plastic (PMMA)
  • Cover: glass, thermally hardened
  • Light grey, RAL 7035 or silver grey (like RAL 9006) as standard
  • Other RAL colors available on request
  • Multiblock connector (5 functions)
  • From below by opening the housing with a single quick-release clip
  • Post-top mounting: axial entry Ø 60 and 76 mm
  • Side-entry mounting: lateral entry Ø 48 and 60 mm
  • Recommended mounting height: 6-10 m
  • Standard tilt angle post top: 0-10º
  • Adjustable tilt angle: no
  • Adjustable light distribution: no
  • 0-candela at 90º
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