Malaga SGS103/104 – contemporary style

Malaga 2 SGS103

Malaga 2 SGS103

  • Malaga SGS103/104 – contemporary style

    • Versatile road lighting luminaire offering modern styling and quality lighting for safe, comfortable driving and for area illumination
    • Optical system delivers good beam control and light output, with optimal illuminance and good uniformity
    • Designed for low investment and maintenance costs


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Product family information

Malaga SGS103/104 is a versatile road-lighting luminaire. It offers modern styling and quality lighting for safe and comfortable driving, and for area illumination, with low investment and maintenance costs. A special one-piece reflector helps to achieve improved light performance.The optical system has been designed to deliver good beam control and light output. Malaga SGS103/104 provides optimal illuminance and good uniformity when the mounting height approximately equals the road width and the mast spacing is approximately 3.5 times the road width. It is suitable for post-top and side-entry mounting.


Modern styling
Effective beam control and uniform light distribution
Suitable for post-top and side-entry mounting


Residential areas
Car parks
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