Oslo CDS 505/506

Metronomis Oslo

Product family information

The Oslo has a distinctive and innovative design that refers to renowned indirect lighting luminaires. The Ambient Light Effect feature generates soft lighting effects thanks to the use of an opal bowl in combination with characteristic reflective screens.Using a small part of the light output to create a ‘domestic’ atmosphere, the Ambient Light Effect also offers improved lighting uniformity. This concept restores, in a surprising and appealing way, the visual link between functional lighting and the experience on a human scale.The indirect lighting effect of the Oslo fosters the perception of a virtual ceiling while enhancing the visual perspective of any urban scene.


Total solution with both luminaires and supports forming part of a complete, integrated concept
Huge range of optical elements and light sources makes it possible to create different atmospheres within the city using a single, perfectly coordinated system
Dedicated masts and brackets match the style of the luminaires - five mast designs in steel, aluminum and wood with heights from 3.5 to 12 m
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