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      PowerVision: the high-performance general-purpose floodlight for sports, general areas and facade illumination. This compact unit distributes a well-controlled, low- glare, wide, medium or narrow beam, evenly, accurately and efficiently. Excellent results with the integrally-developed, double-ended, 2000 W metal halide lamp, and also with standard 1000 W metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamps. Rugged all-weather construction designed for easy aiming, simple cleaning and speedy servicing.


      High-performance, general-purpose floodlight for sports lighting, general area lighting and facade illumination
      Compact luminaire distributes a low-glare, wide, medium or narrow beam evenly, accurately and efficiently, with minimal spill light and glare
      Available MHN lamps offer natural color rendering and comfortable atmosphere well suited to TV and filming, or even meeting the highest international CTV requirements


      Rugged, compact all-weather construction
      Integrated system of optics, gear and lamp in a single housing
      Low-glare wide, medium or narrow beam
      Color rendering: Ra = 80; color temperature: 4200 K
      Easy aiming


      Car parks
      Architectural floodlighting
      Industrial areas
      Software Plugins
      Product family details
      • MVF024
      Light source
      • HID:
      • 1 x MASTER MHN-FC / XW / 1000, 2000 W
      • 1 x MASTER MHN-LA / XWH / 2000 W
      • 1 x MASTER HPI-T Plus / E40 / 1000 W
      • 1 x SON-T / E40 / 1000 W
      Lamp included
      • Yes (K or light color 740, 842 or 956)
      • Narrow beam (NB)
      • Medium beam (MB)
      • Wide beam (WB)
      • Series (SI), integral
      • Parallel (PA), external on a separate gear unit (ECB/ECP330)
      Materials and finishing
      • Housing and rear cover: non-corrosive, high-pressure die-cast aluminum
      • Glass: chemically toughened, 1.6 mm thick (for 2000 lamp versions), thermally hardened 3 mm thick (for 1000 W lamp versions)
      • Mounting bracket: hot-dipped galvanized steel
      • Reflector: anodised and brightened 99.99% aluminum
      • Stainless steel clips
      • Finishing in raw aluminum
      • On mast headframe, ceiling, wall and floor mounting
      • For pre-aiming, protractor scale and simple aiming device integrated
      • Ambient temperature outdoor: 35ºC
      • Drag factor (Cx): 1.08
      • Projected area in 65º position: 0.30 m
      • Max adjustment from the horizontal: -90 / +90º
      • 360º adjustment of mounting bracket
      • Lamp access by opening clips of rear cover (tool-less)
      • Safety switch to cut off current while opening the luminaire with 2000 lamp versions (requires additional contactor - supplied by others)
      • No internal cleaning required
      • External louver (ZVF024)
      • Equipped with aluminum connection box with ignitor, installed on a mounting bracket
      • Wire mesh to prevent large glass falling out (2000 lamp versions) in event of glass breakage
      • Pre-wired 220 - 240 V / 50 Hz or 380 - 415 V / 50 Hz gear units (ECB/ECP330) are available, to be ordered separately
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