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        Product family information

        With the introduction of the GentleSpace LED luminaire in 2011, Philips achieved a breakthrough in high-bay lighting, offering a huge reduction in power consumption, a long service life and an innovative design. Now, with GentleSpace gen2, Philips is setting a new standard in the market, with an improved total cost of ownership, even in extreme conditions. In addition, a high diversity of options are available to ensure an ideal solution for your application like optics, coatings and enabling the use of a central emergency grid (PSED).


        Extremely favorable total cost of ownership
        Customizable for high diversity of applications
        Proven reliability


        Improved efficiency of 143 lm/W; Constant Light Output technology available as an option for further energy savings
        Extremely long lifetime of up to 70,000 hours; valid over the entire temperature range from -30 ºC to +45 ºC
        Iconic design, reducing height and surface to meet ESFR sprinkler requirements
        High quality of light, compliant with EN-12464-1 and diverse optics to fit your application; central DC emergency lighting feature available as option (PSED), compliant with IEC 60598-2-22
        Suitable for new builds or point-for-point replacement of HPI 250 W, HPL 400 W or HPI 400 W, reducing energy consumption by over 50%


        Industrial halls, food industry and warehouses
        Exhibition halls
        Showrooms and retail environments
        Swimming pools
        Product family details
        • BY470P (13,000 lm version)
        • BY471P (17,000 and 25,000 lm versions)
        Light source
        • Philips Fortimo LED Line 1R
        • BY470P: 95 W
        • BY471P: 126 and 180 W
        Luminous flux
        • GRN versions: 13,000, 17,000 and 25,000 lm
        • ECO versions: 13,000, 17,000, 25,000 and 32,000 lm
        • XT versions: 17,000 and 25,000 lm
        Correlated Color Temperature
        • 4000 K
        Color Rendering Index
        • > 80
        Lumen maintenance at median useful life* 50000 h
        • GRN versions: L85
        • ECO versions: L80
        • XT versions: L95
        Control gear failure rate at median useful life 50000 h
        • GRN versions: 5%
        • ECO versions: 5%
        • XT versions: 5%
        Lumen maintenance at median useful life* 100000 h
        • GRN versions: L70
        • ECO versions: L65
        • XT versions: L85
        Control gear failure rate at median useful life 100000 h
        • GRN versions: 10%
        • ECO versions: 10%
        • XT versions: 10%
        Performance Ambient Temperature Tq
        • +25 ºC
        • Built-in (self ballasted LED-module)
        Mains voltage
        • 220-240 V AC / 50-60 Hz
        • 186-250 V DC
        • Dimmable (PSD)
        Controls system input
        • DALI (25,000 lm version requires 2 DALI addresses)
        • The 25,000 and 30,000 versions require 2 drivers
        • Housing: die-cast aluminum
        • Optic:PMMA
        • Cover: thermally toughened clear glass
        • Silver grey (SI), white (WH)
        • Other RAL colors available on request
        • Narrow beam (NB)
        • Medium beam (MB)
        • Wide beam (WB)
        • High-rack (HRO)
        • Asymmetrical mirror axis angle 50° (A50)
        Optical cover
        • Glass cover (tempered, clear); optional PC or PMMA cover
        • Wall mounting
        • Installation without removing lamps and optic/cover
        • Y-grippel
        • Mounting bracket (optional)
        • External IP65 electrical connector
        • Mounting brackets (BY470Z, BY471Z)
        • Wall mounting bracket
        • The lifetime for upto 100,000 hours (XT version) is valid throughout the whole temperature range of -30 ºC up to +45 ºC
        • External IP65 connector and Y-grippel suspension set are included
        • Overheat protection in XT version to ensure long maintenance-free life
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