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        Offices are looking for high-performance lighting that enhances performance, comfort, well-being, and sustainability. That’s why ‘surface of light’ solutions that deliver excellent quality of light with great functionality and connectivity are in such demand. Like Philips SlimBlend Gen2 – a complete family of slim luminaires designed for enhanced well-being and circularity. SlimBlend Gen2 luminaires offer state-of-the-art efficacy and excellent light quality (CRI90) with upgradability features and repairability that promise a long lifetime. They are also designed for recyclability, making them a truly circular, green choice. But it’s the high-quality light that makes SlimBlend Gen2 luminaires really stand out. The special Micro Hexagonal Optics (MXO) provides glare-free comfort & also infuses the homogeneous light with sparkles, creating a lively surface of light that enhances interiors and offers full Office compliance. SlimBlend Gen 2 is a minimalist solution with superior lighting specifications combined with a best-in-class connectivity using Interact Pro - all with a sustainable approach to high-performance office lighting.


        Highly efficient LED luminaire with choice of mounting options (recessed, suspended, surface mounted)
        Comfortable, glare-free Office-compliant
        Competitive solution with good lighting specifications
        Sustainable and best-in-class connected offer


        Best-in-class efficacy up to 140lm/W supports green building design and energy saving subsidy criteria
        CRI90 with Tunable White option
        Office-compliant lighting using both MXO optics and Opal cover
        Long lifetime up to 50,000 hours @L90
        Quick connector or Wieland connector for simpler, faster installation
        Prepared for circularity (no glue, replaceable electronics, upgradable system, efficient and long lifetime) plus supporting Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) guide
        Connected system ready with Interact Pro scalable platform using integrated sensors and/or wireless drivers for data collection, occupancy, daylight regulation and wayfinding


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