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        Product family information

        The Philips CoreLine Malaga LED family consists of two sizes for urban street lighting. Both use a Philips LED engine as a light source and a Philips Xitanium driver - a combination that results in energy savings of 50%. CoreLine Malaga LED has been designed to be as efficient as possible. It offers the same performance as the SON-T 50, 70, 100 and 150W luminaires it replaces, providing the right amount of light in the right place. Furthermore, as the LED light engine in CoreLine Malaga LED will last for the lifetime of the luminaire, it will return your investment simply by saving on the multiple lamp replacements required with SON-T. With its extended gland feature, the CoreLine Malaga LED luminaire is easy to install with no need to open the luminaire to connect the power cable. At the same time, the flat glass cover can be removed to allow access to the driver for maintenance, if required. Special versions of Malaga lighting are available with extra options. However, these specials are manufactured to order only, and have a longer delivery time. The options include: Wide beam (DW) optic, additional surge protection device (10kV), Marine Salt Protection (MSP) paint finish, Micro Mini Pro photocell 35 Lux, a built-in (glass) 6A fuse, and a 3-meter external flying lead cable (H07RN-F). Not all these options can always be combined with each other. For more advice, please consult your Philips partner.


        Reliable quality: aluminum die-cast housing, tempered flat glass
        Easy return on investment: fewer lamp replacements (than SON-T) to save on costs, plus 50% energy savings to reduce annual running costs
        Durable operation (IP65, IK08)
        Easy maintenance, installation and spare part information with Signify Service tag (unique QR identification)


        Direct, 1:1 replacement for SON-T lamps in road lighting, street lighting and urban lighting applications.
        Robust design with Philips standardized LED light platform and fixed output Philips Xitanium outdoor driver.
        Easy installation with extended gland - no need to open luminaire.
        100,00 hours lifetime L70 (or 75,000 hours L80) at Tq +25 ºC).
        5-year warranty


        Parking lots
        Industrial areas
        Public transport such as bus or tramway stops
        Software plugins
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