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        Product family information

        Philips SunStay Pro solar street lights make it easier than ever to meet your sustainability targets. With an integrated solar panel and option for additional vertical PV panel, Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) battery, these solar street lights also feature charger options for off-grid and hybrid operation. Sunstay Pro comes in wide range of color temperatures with dedicated light recipes that help to preserve dark skies. All in a distinctive luminaire housing design with a robust, long-lasting (PDC) aluminum housing. So you can bring light to areas without access to the electric grid for years to come. SunStay Pro solar lighting uses the latest LED technology for a long lifetime of 100,000 hours with best-in-class lumen maintenance @L95. The specially-designed pole mounting spigot offers different tilt angles, and the option for lateral and pole top mounting. With the new Ledgine Flex optical platform you can also increase the distance between poles to reduce the total cost of ownership in a wide range of applications. Sunstay Pro is made for quick and simple installation with a re-designed feed through cable and top-down, tool-less access to the gear components for improved serviceability. And thanks to Philips Service tag, you have access to all the documentation you need on site. Connectivity and dimming options are available, including a radar motion sensor mounted to automatically increase light levels when presence is detected. There’s also the option to group and control neighboring street lights through an internal mesh network to increase light levels in case of presence or activity detection. What’s more, VGP725 SunStay Pro Solar lighting is System Ready so it can be paired with lighting management systems such as Interact City at any point in the future. The all-in-one choice for today and tomorrow.


        •Bring light to areas with no access to electric grid
        •Preserve landscapes (no cabling trenches)
        •Customize lighting thanks to Ledgine Flex
        •Reduce light pollution with dedicated light recipes
        •Robust housing with high impact (IK08) and ingress protection (IP66)
        •Saves 100% energy with off-grid operation (upto 90% in hybrid operation)


        •Replaceable Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery for long life and hassle-free operations
        •Choice of 40+ beams, internal louver options
        •Specially-designed pole mounting bracket with 0° to 15° tilt angles, 2.5° tilt precision, post top and lateral mounting positions
        •Dimming profile setting and radar occupancy sensor maximize autonomy
        •MPPT charge controller for maximum efficiency (off-grid and hybrid)
        •Self-diagnostics, battery charging, discharging and cut-off LED indicators
        •Future ready with SR socket, Interact City connectivity and Philips sensor options


        Interact city


        Cycle paths, footpaths and pedestrian crossings
        Urban and residential streets, roundabouts, parks and playgrounds, Shopping areas
        industrial areas, parking areas, petrol stations, airports, harbors, public transport areas

        Warning & Safety

        To ensure proper autonomy, solar sizing calculation to be done by trained signify team or trained partner by signify team
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