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        Product family information

        CoreLine tempo large delivers on the CoreLine promise of innovative, easy to use and high quality luminaires. A narrow range of options makes it easy to find the best lux-for-lux replacement for 150W, 250W, and 400W HID lamps. The CoreLine tempo large floodlighting range offers lumen packages for many different application areas as well as a choice of high-performance asymmetrical and symmetrical optics. The installation is made easy thanks to the U-shaped universal mounting bracket and the external quick 3-poles connector. It is an ideal solution for outdoor areas such as tempo floodlights for industrial/commercial areas, parking lots, etc.


        Fast payback: energy savings of 50%
        Low-maintenance thanks to the long lifetime of the luminaire; simple to install and connect
        Robust, high-quality finish


        Highly efficient: up to 115 lm/W
        Designed for 1:1 retrofit replacement of conventional technology up to 400 W HPI -T
        System flux: 16,000, 21,000 or 26,000 lm
        Long lifetime of 50,000 hours (L80B10 at Ta 25°C)
        High-performance asymmetrical and symmetrical optics
        U-shaped universal mounting bracket and external quick 3-pole IP68 connector
        High surge protection: 6kV


        Areas and recreational sports facilities
        Building facades
        Landscape features
        Security and amenity lighting
        Software plugins
        Свързани инструменти
        Product family details
        • BVP130
        Light source
        • Integral LED-module
        • Up to 217 W (+/- 11 %)
        Luminous flux
        • 8000, 12,000, 16,000, 21,000, 26,000 lm
        Luminaire efficacy
        • Up to 133 lm/W
        Correlated Color Temperature
        • 4000 K
        Color Rendering Index
        • >70
        Lumen maintenance at median useful life* 75000 h
        • min L80
        Control gear failure rate at median useful life 75000 h
        • 7.5%
        Performance Ambient Temperature Tq
        • +25 ºC
        Operating temperature range
        • -30 to 35 °C
        • Built-in (self-ballasted LED-module)
        Mains voltage
        • Xitanium Xtreme LITE programmable
        Inrush current
        • 53 A/160 µsec
        • No
        Controls system input
        • No
        • CLO
        • Module Temperature Protection (NTC)
        • Symmetrical
        • Asymmetrical (I max 52°)
        Optical element
        • Polycarbonate lens
        Optical cover
        • Clear tempered glass, flat
        • Housing: die-cast aluminum
        • Lenses: metachrylate
        • RAL9007 matt
        • External IP68 quick connector (3 pole)
        • No internal cleaning required
        • U-shaped mounting bracket with foot-print suitable for 3-point fixation by means of M20 bolts
        • Standing-up or hanging-down mounting
        • U-bracket stirrup with standard bolts and nuts
        • Protractor scale with intervals of 5º
        • Mains M20 cable gland that accept cable diameters from 10 to 14 mm with external Quick 3 poles IP68 connector
        • No need to open the luminaire for electrical connection
        Operating temperature
        • -40ºC < Ta < 35ºC
        Projected area at 90º
        • 0.15 m²
        Max adjustment from the horizontal
        • -170 to +170º
        Max vertical aiming
        • -90 to +90º
        Cable gland
        • M 20
        • ENEC, CE, RoHS
        • Surge protection: 6 KV
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