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        Cities want to be attractive, welcoming, and safe places where residents thrive, businesses prosper, and people love to visit. It’s the reason we designed Philips UrbanFlex - a flexible street lighting solution for all types of urban applications. UrbanFlex is designed for customers looking for ways to achieve uniformity in design and quality of light with elegant, energy efficient and sustainable products. The UrbanFlex signature style is modern and flawless to give your cityscape a visually coherent, elegant and distinctive identity. Available in two popular sizes, it also comes with a range of mountings and dedicated brackets and poles. And because we’re conscious about the impact of light on the environment and biodiversity, we have also equipped UrbanFlex with our dedicated light recipe to preserve dark skies. Thanks to the built in Philips LEDGINE-O platform, and the wide range of application-tailored optics, UrbanFlex delivers best-in-class performance in a broad range of city lighting applications. By being System Ready, this luminaire offers connectivity and dimming options, while it can be paired with lighting management systems like Interact, and any existing and upcoming sensors innovations. In addition, every UrbanFlex luminaire is uniquely identifiable, thanks to the Signify Service tag app, making maintenance and programing operations faster and easier, and enabling you to create a digital library of lighting assets and spare parts.


        Coherent and flexible solution for all urban applications
        Future-ready thanks to the System Ready (SR) socket
        Service tag for easy installation and maintenance
        Dedicated light recipe to preserve dark skies and reduce light pollution


        Distinguished, flawless, modern design
        Broad range of elegant, dedicated or standard complete sets (includes rectangular poles, Lyre and Accent brackets, post-top and side-entry versions
        Efficacy up to 157 lm/W, Philips L-Tune to optimize flux level
        Large choice of beams, internal louvers to minimize glare
        Surge protection: 10kV
        Ready to be connected to the Interact lighting management software or paired with third party lighting management systems and sensors


        Road and Street
        Parks and Plazas
        Main urban roads and streets, side and residential roads and streets
        City centers and historical areas
        Cycle and pedestrian paths, squares, parks and playgrounds
        Software plugins
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